Rene Griemens, CFO, joined Kreditech in summer 2013. With his background in corporate finance and strategic management he leads the company’s global financial strategy. Rene brings in his financial and entrepreneurial expertise from 20 years in the banking sector and 15 years in building high-growth companies. He previously worked across Europe, in North America and in Asia for McKinsey & Co, Citibank,, and IEG – Investment Banking. As an advisor or CFO Rene managed over 70 capital markets, M&A, debt and equity financing transactions, including two IPO attempts. He executed over 30 debt transactions, including bond issues, securitization and private debt placements. As a CFO Rene has built the Finance function (accounting, tax, controlling) of three startups. He holds an INSEAD MBA degree.

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Source: TechBullion